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Within The Beautiful Island Of Guimaras


In truth, I’d only discovered the presence of Guimaras Island with the oil spill incident in August of 2006. I’m not able to even recall if I have ever experienced it during our Sibika classes in gradeschool. Possibly, the oil spill for some reason, introduced the means by which persons whatsoever much like me who did not know then about Guimaras, to really choose to find out the hidden great factor about maui.

We booked your flight vulnerable to Iloilo since there is no direct flight vulnerable to Guimaras. From Iloilo, we visited Ortiz Port where we rode a pump boat vulnerable to Guimaras. Fare was only P13.oo along with the entire boat ride was only roughly fifteen minutes.

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Certainly and not the small island while using the beach strait already welcoming you should you shown within the primary harbour (think Puerto Galera) that I’d pictured Guimaras before trip, the location actually was large enough.

Guimaras is unquestionably an exotic area of the Visayas Region in the middle of the Philippine Volume of islands.

There are lots of resorts, agri-tourism sites, special interest sites, historic sites, diving sites furthermore to evaluate centers. Guimaras can also be famous for its sweet mangoes.

After we shown within the Jordan Wharf, i used to be requested to see lower our names within the Tourist Information Area so there’s track of individuals remaining in their island just in situation the problem requires it. After you have registered, numerous tricycle motorists unhappy us, each offering their plan to bring us to Sitio Alubihod in which the famous Raymen Beach Resort are available. Good factor I really could talk to Kuya JD-a tricycle driver we met at Ortiz Port and who immediately offered us his tricycle service for almost any lower fixed cost of P500 for people 6 people. This fee’s already including an trip getting a famous spots once we want. However, because we are actually inching to discover and rehearse the waters of Guimaras beach, we decided to just mind to Raymen Beach Resort.

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The tricycles in Guimaras specified for to slot in no under 7 people such as the driver. Cristina i were sitting lower across the back side within the tricycle therefore we could fully capture the truly amazing factor about Guimaras-no under individuals areas that folks could handed lower by. Pointless to condition, I had been getting more and more impressed while using the island. It had been a warm weather speculate the location was encircled by trees and eco-friendly fields, still felt warm. The only real factor I disliked concerning this tricycle ride was the numbness of my butt next one hour ride from Jordan Wharf to Raymen Beach Resort.

So what can we are saying about Raymen?

The fantastic reviews about Raymen Resort I have read in blogs before the trip counseled me right. Raymen’s an authentic good catch. The name may not appear as posh because the other Guimaras resorts for example Costa Aguada, La Puerta Al Paraizo, etc, but nonetheless the location was good. It was not the condition start summer time time time there has been only number of vacationers inside the accommodation. Whether it were only me, I’d just obtain a fan room (man! I am all for the budget traveling!), consider I had been certain Paolo will averse me basically do this, we decided to obtain the aircon room with two beds and get another bed. The speed was P2,400 each night for people 6 people-already incorporated the additional person and additional bed charge because the room was just well suited for 4.

We booked the location tour at Raymen’s only for P400 for the first hour and extra P150 per succeeding hrs.

Then off we visited the location hopping adventure…

First stop was the Turtle Island where ocean turtles came out to get stored and introduced cared off. They could was a donation box to assist buy medicines for the turtles.

Next stop was the Ave Maria Island. I didn’t can remember the details why maui was named consequently nevertheless it has something attached to the type of island getting a resemblance fot it of Mother Mary’s form when praying.

Ave Maria Island really was breathtaking-the rock formations over the area, the white-colored-colored-colored sand, along with the pristine water. It absolutely was where had our first use Guimaras water.

If you undertake while, you have to boarded the boat and headed to a different destination: the Baras Cave

Really, It was not an authentic cave at basically only rock formation which ends up up up obtaining a sizable hole that motorboats can come inside. Pricier a Palawan Undercover River when you are here because you’ll you need to be disappointed. It had been much like we created a U-submit the pointed out rock formation. However, because the boat can pass within the so-known as cave, we are in a position to come lower the boat with some photo sessions across the rock formations inside.

After Baras Cave, we passed Baras Beach Resort-where i used to be initially designed to stay. The pointed out resort’s an excellent island hideaway since its hidden within the sheltered inlet with cottages built inspirations of Indonesian architecture.

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