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Are you visiting Phuket sometime soon? If yes, then visiting the Elephants in the Elephant Sanctuary should be a must-do activity on your itinerary. The sanctuary is located in nearly thirty Rai of lush green jungle lands near the sweltering beaches in west Phuket, there is a traditional elephant sanctuary along with a powerful vision of first-class welfare qualities for their elephants. They feed the fruits, veggies etc. and also keep an eye on the saved elephants it will play on the mud like a child splashing the waters, and roam the land like never before the eye feast for the visitors as they never experienced this kind of joy anywhere. Many people are afraid of seeing elephants because they are huge animals, but here in the elephant sanctuary Phuket these animals behave like so friendly and they give good company to the visitors with very good behaviour.

Taking Care of Elephants in Phuket

The elephant’s daily routine and activities are so different in Phuket it is just an unforgettable moment it is an awareness journey and learning something different. Taking care is also a gratefulness. If you have any doubts, please don’t step back you may ask them questions about further information how they operate all those and also how they maintain the sanctuary.

The mid-day elephant sanctuary Phuket adventure is a mind-blowing experience, the meet and greet concept is a wonderful concept for rescuing elephants.  Come and explore their stories walk with them through the beautiful jungle and make good memories with them. Forget your daily day worries and join with them stress busters they behave like a kid. You can play with them can roam throughout the jungle in the land of the forest.  

Well-experienced tour guides will be monitoring the forest. Not only elephants you can explore nature which is filled with green you will not say no to nature especially the elephants’ walk and its way of behaviour Giant elephants will play in the mud and natural lakes. They let the elephants behave like kids and they will stay near nature.  Elephants take a bath daily in the pounds through it was a stunning project we can’t take out our eyes for a single moment the guides will be available throughout the jungle they will take care of everything you can simply explore nature without limit.


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