Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities For Those With Teenagers

Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities For Those With Teenagers

Finding a suitable outdoor adventure for those who want to travel as a group with children can be difficult. There are a number of considerations to make, such as safety and accessibility, meaning that individuals are occasionally limited to enjoying certain activities.

While many think that travelling with toddlers and babies is challenging (and it certainly is!), it is not to say that teenagers are any easier. In fact, without the right inclusivity or exciting activity, a family adventure can be made especially difficult, especially if a teenager doesn’t actively consider themselves to be an outdoorsy individual.

Today, to support young adults taking an active interest in the wild and to ensure that families are more able to enjoy their outdoor escapades, we’re sharing a selection of activities that can be enjoyed by a range of ages.


One of the best qualities of camping is its flexibility. Trips can take place in a number of environments, depending on the preference and interests of those travelling. Some, for example, might prefer to take themselves to the heights of mountains to explore hidden lakes, whereas others might feel more comfortable hiking through low woodlands and exploring rivers before taking to the seafront.

Camping can also be combined with other activities too. Swimmers and paddleboarders, for example, can bring along their gear when camping and use their trip to experience lesser-explored areas or even travel along rivers to find their next campsite.


As bushcraft and survival techniques become popular among teenagers, accelerated by trends on social media platforms, archery is becoming a more in-demand experience around Australia. It is an activity that celebrates discipline and focus, helping teenagers to learn about a traditional skill that has a distinctly exciting appeal.

Australia is also fortunate to have considered and relaxed laws regarding the practice of archery meaning that, for those teenagers who find themselves taking to the activity, it can be enjoyed in a variety of outdoor spaces and even in one’s own back garden.

Wild Swimming

Most families will know how a trip to the beach can be enjoyed by all of those involved. Taking this interest and using it as a reason to travel and explore can be even more exciting too. Lesser-travelled routes can lead to the discovery of rivers and lakes that are perfect for summer dips while familiar and safe lakes can be the perfect location for teenagers to have fun enjoying with friends.

Magnet Fishing & Metal Detecting

For the longest time, metal detecting has been associated with the older generation. Now, however, teenagers are eagerly taking to their favourite beaches and rivers to seek out their own discoveries. With the development of affordable magnet fishing tools, as well as the viral content of detecting TikTok videos, all types of discovery activities are now being celebrated by the younger generation.

This means that families wanting to enjoy being outdoors with their teenagers can simply turn to treasure hunting, teaching them about the landscapes and local history, all with the thrill of potentially finding something rare or, occasionally, valuable too.

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