5 Things Overlanders Can Never Get Enough Of


Is overlanding your thing? I am not ashamed to admit that it is not for me. However, I know several people who live for it. They make a point of telling me all about it whenever we get together. Thanks to them, I know a lot more about overlanding than I really need to know.

For example, I know there are certain things that overlanders can never get enough of. These are things they need or want for every adventure. If you ever needed to find the perfect gift for an overlander in your life, one of these things would be ideal. What are they? The list is too long, so let me offer five suggestions:

1. Spare Parts for Their Vehicles

By its nature, overlanding takes a person to very remote locations that tend to be off the grid. There are no garages or auto stores nearby. In fact, being in the middle of nowhere means exactly that. For that reason alone, overlanders tend to obsess over spare parts for their vehicles. They always carry a healthy selection of belts, spark plugs, light bulbs, hoses, and more.

The only way to know which parts your favorite overlander obsesses over is to ask. But once you know what those parts are, you will never have to wonder what to buy that person for Christmas or birthdays.

2. Hand Tools

In the same league as spare parts are hand tools. Every overlander carries a nice selection of wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, and more. Hand tools are indispensable when you are driving a vehicle loaded with cargo into remote areas that were never intended to play host to internal combustion engines or their owners.

3. Tie-Downs

Overlanding journeys tend to be bumpy rides. As such, overlanders tend to tie down just about everything they carry. That means they need a complete selection of tie-downs. It has been my experience that cam straps make the best tie-downs. Rollercam is a popular brand I am familiar with.

Bungee cords are good for some jobs, but they are not really strong or reliable enough to secure things that are really important. Ropes work better than bungee cords, but they don’t deploy nearly as quickly as cam straps. As for ratchet straps and chains, they tend to be overkill for most overlanding needs.

4. Batteries

Batteries are a big hit with overlanders for obvious reasons. They rely on batteries to power their flashlights, electronic devices, portable appliances, and more. These days, overlanders are more likely to choose lithium-ion batteries over their single use counterparts.

If they can afford it, some overlanders prefer solar powered battery banks capable of providing the necessary juice for all their devices. They can plug in their phones and computers just like they knew at home.

5. Daylight Hours

The last item on the list is something you cannot buy at a store. You cannot get it on Amazon or eBay. Of course, I am referring to daylight hours. Overlanders cannot get enough for the simple fact that the daylight hours are when they travel. And who wants to stop traveling once you get going?

It’s possible to travel at night with enough high-powered lights to guide the way, but the evening is when an overlander wants to sit and enjoy a favorite beverage by the fire. Besides which, breaking down when the sun is no longer shining can be a real hassle.

If you are into overlanding, what other types of things can you not do without? Whatever you need for your journeys is your thing. You do you, right?

Sharon Hamilton

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